The Global Economic Institute for Africa (GEIA) is an Ottawa, Canada-based non-profit research and development organization fostering public-private dialogue on global issues. Our research is interdisciplinary and collaborative. We address a wide variety of economic development issues.

GEIA seamlessly integrates applied economic analysis and real-time coverage of a wide range of carefully selected issues of grave importance to decision-makers and development partners. We combine technical expertise, institutional experience and global perspectives to steer evidence-based policy development.

The quest for sustainability continues to transform the competitive landscape, forcing organizations to change the way they think. The GEIA model is inspired by a single goal: to provide a gateway for decision-makers to identify, explore and share emerging trends, best practices and transformational ideas.

From foreign direct investment, technology, trade, energy, climate change, fiscal federalism, natural resources and infrastructure to economic diversification, GEIA provides a body of evidence and insights into a wide spectrum of issues. We provide a structured platform for a nuanced insight into “everything Africa”, while devising strategies and solutions to help address some of the pressing issues. Among other things, we deliver advisory and technical services to help governments and private corporations access global best practices, and to build systems and skills in a sustainable way.

Our Global Secretariat, located in Ottawa, serves as the global point of contact for partners and stakeholders.

Our reach is global. The focus is Africa!