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Development through Trade


TFOCanada_JPEGTFO Canada confronts the challenge of global poverty by promoting sustainable economic development through export information, advice and contact. They facilitate access to the Canadian marketplace and share Canadian trade expertise for the benefit of smaller male and female owned/managed exporters from developing countries and for the men and women they employ.


Nigeria’s Currency Crisis

The boom bust cycle within the oil sector is causing unprecedented currency crisis in Nigeria. Uncertainties in trade and exchange rate policies continue to impact the macroeconomy and household incomes. Citing limited productive capacity, government says real exchange rate depreciation will not help Nigeria’s exports and GDP growth. The monetary authorities continue to prop up the naira; this strategy is combined with blocking imports to protect dwindling foreign reserves. Investor appetite remains weak. Capital flight continues. The risk of devaluation for naira-denominated assets persists. Investors are non-committal. Recession looms. Can anything stop it from unravelling?